“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
Nikola Tesla

Molly Brumm KinesiologyEnergy Kinesiology works with both your body (the physical) and your energy bodies (the non- physical phenomena of your emotions and thoughts).

And explaining Energy Kinesiology (EK) is like trying to share an experience you had of a live performance.

Sometimes you just have to be there!

You’ll understand kinesiology best by having a session: experiencing a re-alignment of your energies.

What I can describe is how I see my clients’ faces transform.
I see faces move from grey, sad, listless to glowing, smiling and energised.
I see people’s eyes transform from dull to bright.
I observe their posture change from tense or under-energised to taller, straighter and relaxed, and re-energised.

Everyone tells me they feel lighter after a balance too. A burden has been lifted off them. They report back that they slept ‘like a baby’. Before their session they felt stuck: physically, emotionally, mentally or creatively. Now they’re unstuck and back in the flow.

For me EK is better than a massage (& massages feel great). I believe this is because clearing energy results in more flow across all aspects of your life. Relationships improve, situations begin shifting, evolving and transforming. Having your non-physical bodies re-aligned impacts your physical body and thus your life.

One way I have described my work is that I’m a Stress GPS.

Just like a GPS I find location coordinates: – where in your body are you storing your stress? Then I take you by the fastest route to where you’d like to be (joyful, relaxed, energised, confident…..)

I’ve also likened myself to a plumber. I find your Energy Leaks, where your Energy pipes are blocked, and I can also re-connect your Gas (Energy flow….)

So let’s go with the plumbing analogy…

Everyone knows what it’s like to get your plumbing connected or fixed. However – do you actually know how your plumber achieves this?

Or are you simply:
(1) aware there is an issue (leak/ blockage/ new connection needed after repairs or renovations) (2) know approximately where it is in your home, but
(3) don’t know exactly what’s needed to resolve it?

Let’s begin with (1) your level of awareness:

You know something’s ‘off’. I hear people say: my heart’s not in it; I don’t know why but I feel like crying; I’m dizzy; I’ve seen everyone and my shoulder still hurts; I’ve not been the same since ‘x’ happened…

Now consider (2) you know roughly where it is, I wake up at the same time each night; I can’t stop thinking about it; my neck hurts; my skin burns just here….

And finally, you have tried everything you can think of but (3) you can’t seem to fix it yourself: I’ve done mindfulness, applied cognitive strategies, I eat really well, I should be ok by now…

For me as an Energy Kinesiologist these 3 areas encompass your Physical & Non-physical.

Body – you are FEELING it
Mind – you are NAMING it (as best you can with your current information) Spirit – you are yearning to RELEASE it

In a balance I’ll assess you and your situation using muscle monitoring: Fun

But more importantly it’s unique to YOU: Your personality,
Your history,
Your desires

Your goals
We’ll explore the Non-physical -your energetic, emotional and survival systems.

Using an arm muscle your body directs both of us to your priority healing tool.

Your body’s innate wisdom will show what will:

  • unblock the pipes
  • re-connect the gas
  • fix the leaks
  • re-align
  • Bring YOU back to You…ALL of your bodies in harmony
    Yes, all of them.
    Your physical body + your non-physical bodies: • emotional
    • mental
    • spiritual
    Here’s Energy Kinesiology in my client’s own words:
    “My back is better. Before I came to see you I had constant sciatica. The first time you treated me I was pain free for the first three days. And its got better. I’m not getting the shooting pain down my leg, the sciatic pain down the leg is all gone.
    Particularly in the morning I would find it hard to stand, now I’m up and I’m not in pain.

I am so much more functional, the difference is amazing. I feel so much more energised – the physical and psychological impact of pain has been shifted.”
(Michelle MW)

“I experienced multiple losses and trauma and recognised I needed support. I sought therapy with an excellent psychologist and nurtured myself with nutritious food. Then I no longer needed therapy……I had done my work……I was OK.

However, I felt exhausted and somehow unconnected within my own self. Then I found Molly.

Molly brought me home to myself again in a way I now understand to be energetically. I was freed, relieved of rigidity physically, emotionally and mentally. It was the missing link, the final shift that had to happen for my own self renewal. I continue to see Molly in her clinic if ever I feel “stuck”.”

(Rachel A.)

“Having dinner tonight and my daughter asked if she could do something with friends this weekend

and then it dawned on her with a beaming face.

“Oooohhh we have molly this weekend” and a massive sigh of relief and gratitude…

You have shifted our family to a place I thought I had lost forever.

Life is sweet again and my girl feels content.

So so so excited for the future with you in it”

(Sheridan S.)

“When the session ended I felt quite ‘strange’, and almost melancholy, but by the time I arrived home I felt renewed, like my soul had been topped up with love…hope that makes sense!” (Jane Y.)

“You have made more difference than you can imagine. I am able to step back from the situation now. I knew it intellectually but I couldn’t step back. Now I feel ok. It hasn’t changed my workload but it has changed how I deal with things. I’m not reacting now, I’m responding.
It’s not undoing me in the way it was.

I see that I’ve made a major change, I’m able to come back to being more centred and detached. I can get caught up in those emotions that can overwhelm and stress but now I bounce back quickly and I just don’t stay there.” (Michelle MW)

‘Since seeing Molly I’ve been less afraid to be myself. I’m not afraid to talk to people, I’m not afraid to be seen, I’m not afraid to smile. Previously I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. Now I’m well on the way to being comfortable with myself.’ (Jordan, age 25)

“I have done so much cognitive work…it truely is the gift of energetic healing or energy work that I have needed to heal. I am looking forward with renewed hope. Energy healing is essential for the recovery of people who have been traumatised by family members with personality disorders. It has taken me a very long time to understand what they do. It is at the energetic level….and this is so hard to come back from especially if you have no concept or names to use for what has happened to you…..which is ongoing violation at a soul point.”

(R. A.)

“You’ve given me tools that make me feel like I’m in control and healing is possible.
Because you are so kind and non judgemental I feel I can tell you anything and you won’t be repulsed or afraid and that is a great gift to give to a person. I sense in you that you are strong and in charge of your own self care so I’m not afraid to say anything to you. I’ve washed away so many old, unused, wasteful stories since we met.” (A.P.)

“I am feeling changes in my confidence and have noticed big shifts! I am more conscious now of when i am starting to have negative thoughts and I am able to get out of it now. My change in energy has definitely allowed my partner to be more open and himself around me.”
(T. H.)

“I just did singing practice and these sessions are definitely helping with my voice. I am realising my voice problems are based in a mental state of fear and that fear has restricted my trust in letting my voice soar in different ways. I am more capable now of seeing the storm cloud in my mind that is in the way.” (D.M)

So if you’re ready to try it, book a balance or begin with a Complimentary Connection Call:

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