Grow your business. Empower your community. Make a difference.

We are a group of mostly business owners  who share a common vision of supporting eachother, while giving back to the community.

The NOW Business Network helps businesses connect, share ideas, create opportunities AND raises funds for local charities. In 2023 we raised over $35,000!!!

Our Mission

To support local businesses by providing a platform where ideas, partnerships and collaborations can flourish through openness, trust, and co-operation thus fostering a strong, united, prosperous community

Our Vision

Forging relationships with local businesses whilst giving back to the community.

Our Purpose

Supporting eachother

Supporting local community

Relationships build

Business happens

Our Core Values


We adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our dealings


We connect business and community organisations to each other. We facilitate connections that lead to long term relationships and build trust



We unite our community whilst respecting cultural diversity and ideas


We support local businesses, community organisations, schools and all pillars which make our community strong and vibrant.

NOW Corporate Members

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NOW News


The NOW Group was the brainchild of Tim Mander and Madeleine Hicks, and with the help of Mary DiMarco they created NOW Business Network, a group where businesses could come together, support each other and build relationships all while supporting the local community. That was in 2016.

NOW originally stood for NorthWest but the foundation members quickly realised there was a another meaning... the community needs our help NOW!

The meetings started at a local coffee shop on Flockton Street before moving to Everton Park State High School. There was a method to this move – it enabled the hospitality students to gain experience serving breakfast to the meeting attendees. Win Win.

The NOW Business Network community has grown substantially since 2016. We now have the ability donate $1000's each year to local charity and community groups. We still stand by the original Mission to support local business by providing a platform where ideas, partnerships and collaboration can flourish through openness, trust, co-operation thus fostering a strong unified prosperous community.