Did someone say Bingo is boring!!!

Well, if you did, you would be wrong, very wrong.

For most of us, Saturday 12 August 2023, started like any other Saturday – a bit of a sleep-in, perhaps some Brunch and then a lazy afternoon.

But at 5:30pm, all things changed for the NOW Business Community, friends and colleagues.  We reached for our tacky, our singlets, our thongs, our Ugg boots and released our Bogan. 

And so began Bogan Bingo, a fun night of bingo, and 80s and 90s music with all of us dressed as a Bogan, as Bogany as we wanted. Throw in some jokes and spontaneous air guitar competition and a very very Bogan “red carpet” event made this a night to remember.

And the greatest part of all – we raised over $25,000 which was donated to RIZEUP, an amazing organisation that provides tireless support to families affected by domestic violence. This donation enabled 5 homes to be furnished to provide a safe and comfortable space to these families.