Due to COVID19 restrictons we have had to cancel our Open Day which was scheduled for last Saturday 23rd May.  We also can’t allow families to come and view our Kindy for safety reasons.

[av_video src=’https://youtu.be/m_NqJYkUZPY’ mobile_image=” attachment=” attachment_size=” format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′ conditional_play=” id=” custom_class=” av_uid=’av-1z6m3j’]

This put us in a very difficult situation as our Open Day is a major marketing opportunity for us and we are about to start enrolments for 2021 and families are hesitant to accept without being able to look around.  In addition, our future wait lists are impacted.

We saw that many real estate agents were doing virtual open houses and that gave us the idea of considering a virtual tour of the Kindy.  We really didn’t know where to start (we are all not very technically inclined) so we contacted Madeleine Hicks to assist us.

She very kindly sent out Justin and staff member Marie to have a chat with us and they then offered to come and video the kindy.  Marie made 2 visits to take video and then edited it into two different marketing options  They are amazing and we are about to send this out to all families who are on our 2021 wait list and use it in other marketing material.

We would like to thank NOW network for this very valuable connections with the wonderful Madeleine Hicks Real Estate and their generous support of us in this difficult time.  They really went the extra mile to help us out.

We hope you enjoy our tour.
Kind Regards
Jodi Browning
Finance Administrator