The international customer nominated award for delivering excellent service. 

Presented to: Lou Benjamin 

Bunnings’ sausage sizzle is the lifeblood of many organisations like the NOW Business Network Group for fundraising opportunities. Lou has run the sausage sizzle at Stafford for many years, keeping all applicant organisations informed and up to date with possible opportunities.

She has also managed the challenges surrounding Covid, training all community organisations on new procedures and making sure the sausage sizzle continues as a fundraising option for these organisations. This was a difficult job, but through her hard work it has managed to continue when other stores had to stop. Lou is always there to make sure we get it right.

Lou’s community involvement does not stop at Bunnings. The depth of her community involvement is immense, and we have gathered a long, long list of organisations she is involved with and has helped. This list includes her community and volunteer work for St Vincent’s Hospital, Hummingbird House, Queensland Children’s Hospital and so much more.

Lou truly has a big heart; she really is a gorgeous person and is very deserving of her WOW! Award for her service to her community.

Nominated by: The NOW Business Network Board and members, and on behalf of everyone you have helped in the community.