The international customer nominated award for delivering excellent service. 

Presented to: Matthew Baker 

Matthew runs his own successful business, Shift Buddies and is an inspiring young entrepreneur in the NOW business community. Matthew and the Shift Buddies team receive excellent customer feedback and reviews for their professional and caring customer service and for delivering an outstanding customer experience.

However, what makes Matthew really stand out is his passion to proudly support charity organisations and community groups and proactively provide whatever help he can. Despite working hard to build his own business, this wonderful young man makes the time and the room in his trucks to move, deliver or collect goods to help these organisations.

Shift Buddies has taken on delivery jobs to north Queensland for Care Kits for Kids; helped move stock to the warehouse for Baby Give Back; helped a family move into a Youngcare home so they could be together. These are just a few of the many examples of assistance.

During the business impacts of COVID-19, Matthew used this opportunity to again put a call out to the community and charities to see how he and his Shift Buddies team could help. He is a shining example for all young people in business to follow and we are so proud to have him on our NOW Business Network team.

Nominated by: The NOW Business Network Board and members, and on behalf of everyone you have helped in the community.