Dear NOW Business Network,

It was a pleasure to receive your nomination for the 2020 Queensland Community Achievement Awards. On behalf of the Awards team, our partners and the judging panel, I would like to thank you for being involved and congratulate you on the wonderful achievements outlined in the nomination.

To be nominated is an honour and with high achievers like yourself, Queensland can look forward to a great future. Enclosed is your certificate of achievement for participating in the 2019/20 Program.

May I take this opportunity to wish you every success in your future endeavours and I hope that you will consider nominating again next year.

Please advise if you change your email address so we can send nomination details when they are available. I certainly look forward to following your progress. 

Best wishes and kind regards.

Hanna Doherty
Event Manager Queensland

and Community Achievement Awards

Hanna Doherty

QLDCAA20 Certificate_WithNames_Part162