The NOW group became incorporated on the 15th December, 2017.

Our Mission

To support local business by providing a platform where ideas, partnerships and collaboration can flourish through openness, trust, co-operation thus fostering a strong unified prosperous community.

Our Vision

Forging relationships with local businesses whilst giving back to the community

Our Purpose

Supporting each other

Supporting local community

Relationships Build

Business Happens

Core Values

Integrity – we adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our dealings

Collaboration – we connect business and community organisations to each other. We facilitate connections that lead to long term relationships and build trust

Respect – we unite our community whilst respecting cultural diversity and ideas

Community – we support local business, community organisations, schools and all pillars which make our community strong and vibrant

Meet the Board

Chair –Michelle O’Hara –

Secretary – Jeni O’Brien –

Treasurer– Elisha Groves –

Business Social Connection Hub/Marketing – Sabine Armbruster –

Community Liaison – Sheldon Morey – Sheldon Morey

Fundraising – Allie Coutts –

Membership – Jessie Jeffery –

Events – Caroline Lovett –