The NOW Board and a number of co-opted members had a very fruitful meeting (including fruit toast, funnily enough) earlier this morning to discuss our future direction and to refine exactly what it is we stand for. After much discussion the meeting agreed on the wording for NOW’s purpose and a bullet list of six core values that encapsulate all we believe in. These will start appearing in our various publication including a booklet we will be producing for new members.

NOW Business Network declaration of purpose. image.

NOW Business Network declaration of purpose.


NOW Business Network core values image.

NOW Business Network core values.

Community engagement

One potentially very exciting future possibility was presented by Robyn Baker who recently attended a workshop presented by the Brisbane City Council which is looking for ways to increase community engagement in the city. She soon realised that NOW’s primary community focus means we are already playing that role and she presented this to the gathering. Council was present at the workshop and there is the chance that what we are doing could become a city-wide blueprint for other areas to follow.

Watch this space!!