The Reno Revivals Team

JJ O’Neill, Brad West, Martin Secomb, Adam Bird, Chris Cogzell

Our team is one big family.  Earlier this year Mark was extremely unwell and needed time off and we had several huge deadlines to meet on certain jobs.  The boys stepped up and ran all our jobs including liaising with clients and they worked additional hours to meet deadlines.  It was so comforting to know that we had a team that was willing to go the extra mile and ensure that Mark could get the rest he needed.

When COVID hit we had a contract worth $300k cancel due to both clients losing their jobs.  Other jobs started to slow down as did the phone calls. Prior to the Government announcing the Job Keeper packages they released the Job Seeker, but our two New Zealand team members did not qualify.  The boys all agreed to go part-time so they all kept their jobs and received some income. They also decided Mark should just quote and network to get the work in and the boys would run the sites 100%, agreeing to do any work available, whether hanging pictures, garden work or handy man work.

This is when we decided to help Jack Pool, who is a huge positive influence in the community. It was such a stressful time, and everyone was feeling down so we wanted to do something to lift people’s spirits.  We approached National Tiles who donated the tiles, and All Flooring Solutions donated the carpets.  Jack does so much for the community it was wonderful to give something back and put a huge smile on his face.

Nominated by: Cathi Pimm, Reno Revivals and supported by the NOW Business Network Board and members, and on behalf of everyone you have helped in our community.