jack poole recognised

The NOW Business Group is a vibrant network group on the northside of Brisbane that is successfully growing in membership. This group meets every month with a primary focus to give back to the community first and do business second.

Recently the group presented their second NOW WOW! Award to Jack Pool, Meals on Wheels (MOW) Stafford and Jack was deeply humbled to receive his award.

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Molly Kinesiology

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
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Terry Hicks MBE Chermside

Wow what a meeting we had in November  with a Record 56 Attendees at our Breakfast.  This is a significant increase from our previous best meeting attendance.  Read more

Digital grants

The Small Business Digital Grants Program can assist small businesses to access digital technologies and services to help them work smarter, engage with the global economy and make the most of online business opportunities arising from digital disruption. Read more

It’s time to get WET! Building strength in the pool

It’s time to get WET! Building strength in the pool

Aqua aerobics has been around a long time, and initially attracted a mainly female demographic enjoying lots of laughter and community connectedness. While swimwear has changed over time, it’s sun hats, sunscreen and designer rash shirts which dot the pool landscape these days. Thankfully, the laughter and community connectedness has remained, and aqua fitness classes Read more

 Everything on your website is either helping or hindering your sales. There is no such thing as a neutral position in these 10 areas.In order for your website to succeed it needs to do 2 main things:


  1. Be part of your overall marketing and business strategy.
  2. Deliver value to your ideal customers.

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mind blank
We visit schools all around Australia and perform our specially-designed interactive show, which tackles important topics surrounding mental ill-health, such as depression and anxiety. We are also able to provide custom scripts for your community’s specific needs.
The story showcases a lived experience with mental ill-health, and asks students to consider what they would do in each scenario. Our hour-long show features three professional actors and caters for audiences of up to 200.

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Our March meeting was enjoyed by members and visitors alike. Pictured here are our chairperson Madeleine Hicks and pupils from Everton Park State High School who came in early to serve our breakfast.

Blog Sausage Sizzle Header Image

Many thanks to everyone who volunteered on 21 February for our second Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings, Stafford. The total sales were $838.05 and the profit was $531.85.

Our fundraising is dedicated towards the Get Growing Program with the aim of getting them to put on a course to benefit scholars at Everton Park State High School.

Aside from the funds raised, there are lots of other benefits to be gained for the NOW group and its members from participating in these days when serve the community

The next Bunnings date is on the 22nd March and this is the only other thing we have locked- in at this stage. We are doing something at the annual Madeleine Hicks Easter Egg Hunt as well as a organising a social event in the next two months but thethe details are not finalised. We will also have 3 more Sausage Sizzle dates at Bunnings to announce shortly shortly.

Our first sausage sizzle at Bunnings Stafford was a great success with fundraising committee member Terry Harrison reporting that the volunteers on the day sold about 425 sausages and 145 drinks. The profit was $634.10 that will go to our chosen charity. We had some stock left over to use next time so the the profits should be even higher.

Some of the volunteers helping out at the firsr sausage sizzle were, from left, Trev Sims, Geoff Dyer, Terry Harrison, Jack Pool, Jenny Marsden and Margaret Sims.