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NOW Christmas Party 2018 image

The NOW membership gathered for the annual Christmas Party at Smokin’ Joe’s on December 7. Among those present were many community notables including Santa Claus [who had forgotten to bring us any presents] and the Easter Bunny in disguise.

We all had a great time helped along by Joe’s delicious pizzas and a selection of inviting fluid supplements. Many of us were Smokin’ Joe’s virgins before the party but we all agreed it was a great spot to dine and that we’d be back.

NOW Presents Christmas Hampers image

Our fundraising efforts in 2018 resulted in major donations to Mylestones (formerly Cerebral Palsy League) and the Stafford branch of Meals on Wheels. Since then we became aware of a need in our community and the membership decided at the November meeting to fund five Christmas hampers to be distributed to families in need. We are pleased to report the hampers were delivered  earlier today.

We can make a difference and next year we intend to do even more.

NOW Business Network Board Strategy Session image

The NOW Board and a number of co-opted members had a very fruitful meeting (including fruit toast, funnily enough) earlier this morning to discuss our future direction and to refine exactly what it is we stand for. After much discussion the meeting agreed on the wording for NOW’s purpose and a bullet list of six core values that encapsulate all we believe in. These will start appearing in our various publication including a booklet we will be producing for new members. Read more

It’s Trivia night again at Everton Park State High School on 26 May 2018. Why not get a team together for a night of fun — it’s for a good cause.


NOW Business Network member Grant Mason has put together a document explaining just why it makes sense to use a broker when buying business insurance and describing some of the types of insurance available. He writes:

Just like an accountant or lawyer who provides you with professional advice, based on years of training and experience, a qualified insurance adviser can do the same with your insurance. When arranging insurance, many people don’t seek out advice or fully understand the details of their policy, and can unfortunately be underinsured in their time of need.
An insurance broker can give you advice to make sure you have the right cover for your situation.

An adviser can help you assess your risks, and suggest what cover will best suit your insurance needs. They can help you take out a policy, and will also explain your policy and any special situations you need to be aware of…

Download Grant’s PDF article

Christmas Party

July Social Excitement is building !!!!!!!!!!

Hansel & Gretel, Friday 14/7/17 5.30pm. Family and Friends invited. (Final numbers required by 6/7/17) Read more

Geoff And Kyran Doyle As Guest Speaker At Everton Park State High School

Everton Park State High School had an interesting guest speakers Geoff Doyle and Kyran Doyle talking about “how to make money”. The students really enjoyed the topic and learned something from it, and the school was feeling grateful about that. Read more