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The Small Business Digital Grants Program can assist small businesses to access digital technologies and services to help them work smarter, engage with the global economy and make the most of online business opportunities arising from digital disruption. Read more

It’s time to get WET! Building strength in the pool

It’s time to get WET! Building strength in the pool

Aqua aerobics has been around a long time, and initially attracted a mainly female demographic enjoying lots of laughter and community connectedness. While swimwear has changed over time, it’s sun hats, sunscreen and designer rash shirts which dot the pool landscape these days. Thankfully, the laughter and community connectedness has remained, and aqua fitness classes Read more

 Everything on your website is either helping or hindering your sales. There is no such thing as a neutral position in these 10 areas.In order for your website to succeed it needs to do 2 main things:


  1. Be part of your overall marketing and business strategy.
  2. Deliver value to your ideal customers.

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NOW Business Network member Grant Mason has put together a document explaining just why it makes sense to use a broker when buying business insurance and describing some of the types of insurance available. He writes:

Just like an accountant or lawyer who provides you with professional advice, based on years of training and experience, a qualified insurance adviser can do the same with your insurance. When arranging insurance, many people don’t seek out advice or fully understand the details of their policy, and can unfortunately be underinsured in their time of need.
An insurance broker can give you advice to make sure you have the right cover for your situation.

An adviser can help you assess your risks, and suggest what cover will best suit your insurance needs. They can help you take out a policy, and will also explain your policy and any special situations you need to be aware of…

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